marlin and tuna finally

Capt. George Landrum
Fly Hooker Sportfishing

June 21-27, 2010

Weather: Summertime is here, there is no doubt about it. With three storms forming up way to the south of us, water temps up in the 80’s and daytime air temps in the high 90’s, it is summer. Our nighttime lows have only been down in the low 80’s, we have had no rain and have had mostly clear skies, Early in the week we had some winds from the northwest, but they mostly blew in the afternoon, mornings were nice for the most part.

Water: We saw a water temperature change of almost 18 degrees from the Pacific coast to the Punta Gorda area this week. At the end of the week the water just off the arch was a cool 67 degrees while the water just to the north of the Gorda Banks was a very warm 85 degrees. Big swells kicked up by the storms to the south were spaced far apart and made the surfers happy, but put a lot of foam along the beach. The late afternoon northwest winds chopped up the water a bit early in the week bu the mornings were great.

Bait: Caballito and Mullet were available at $3 per bait.


Billfish: Striped Marlin were still being found out at the 1,000 fathom line and there were reports of a few Blue Marlin being hooked in the warm water up in the Punta Gorda area. With Striped Marlin being found, it was still difficult to get many of them to bite. Most boats were having about 20% success on the fish, hooking one out of five that bait was thrown to. The Blue Marlin were up in the warm water feeding on Tuna.

Yellowfin Tuna: These were the good news of the week as we finally had fish show up. It was late in the week and it was a far run, but there were Tuna in the 50 to 100 pound class just to the north of the Gorda Banks. Not all the boats made the trip, but for many of those that did, it was worth the run. Scattered pods of porpoise were holding fish and it was a matter of finding the right pod. There were smaller fish being found closer to home, it seemed that the farther you went the larger the fish became.

Dorado: No concentrations of Dorado were reported this week but there were some nice fish found up in the same area as the Tuna. The warm water was the key, as was finding anything floating, usually there was at least one Dorado in the area. Slow trolling a live bait in front of the porpoise pods looking for Tuna resulted in several Dorado instead, with the largest I heard of going just over 30 pounds.

Wahoo: I did not hear of any Wahoo this week, but I am sure there were some caught as Saturday was the full moon.

Inshore: Inshore fishing was a bit off this week as the size of the swells made it uncomfortable for many anglers. Those that managed to fish did well on the Pacific side with Snapper to 20 pounds, some Sierra, some Amberjack and a lot of action from Jack Crevalle. The Cortez side of the Cape had fish inshore as well with Roosterfish making a good showing in the area just to the west of the Westin Resort.

Notes: Warm summertime water moving in, Blue Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna showing, Striped Marlin still around, it is a great time of year! As long as the storms continue to remain to the south (and our fingers are crossed on that) we should see a continued improvement in the fishing. This weeks report was written to a compilation of songs by Jack Johnson. Until next week, Tight Lines!


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