Weather Update!! Tropical Storm Georgette!!


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how]Just as we thought that we were going to have a clean miss from the remenants of Hurricane Karl, which went ashore on the East coast of Mexico at Veracruz last week, we were proven wrong.  As of yesterday morning it appeared that the cloud cover that remained after crossing the sierras in the mainland had formed a blanket, with no circulation.  Then yesterday afternoon if you looked at the weather pictures you could see some sort of circulation appear.  We had the wind pick up a bit yesterday afternoon, along with just a little spit of rain.  We woke up this morning to a fairly steady rain and upon checking the weather sites saw that the circulation had expanded and thickend in the center.  At 6 am NOAA put out an advisory about Tropical Storm Georgette, located 60 miles to the SSE of Cabo and moving NNW at 9mph with winds gusting to 40 mph.  Nothing too strong, but what it did was close down the port for the day, no boats in or out.  Thats a good thing as no one will get hurt, but a real bummer for those looking to get in some rod bending.  The other good thing is that we are expected to get around 4 inches of rain over the next 24 hours, rain that we really need!  No need to water the plants or wash the car!  It is expected to be gone by late this evening and things should be back to normal by Thursday.  We might have some good Dorado fishing coming up as debris gets washed out from the arroyas, giving the fish something to hide under!

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