mexican fishing licenses

at the indoor entrances of Ruth Chris, Greenburg’s and the Harley Bar, there is an escalator.
Take to the 2nd floor and turn around. On the opposite side of the escalator, you will see a small kiosk booth.
This is run by the Mexican Government. Wow you can even pay your payroll taxes here.
There was a very nice gentleman there to show me how it works, touch screen for directions in English!
Make sure the person helping you has a Mexican Government shirt on.
The keyboard was a little different, but I caught on quickly, you have to use the mouse to put the arrow where you want to type next,
then hit the left button above the mouse to get your cursor in the right place and start typing. To move the mouse there is huge rollerball like on a laptop!
It asks for your address, but I just put in the hotel name my client is staying at and room 01, ext 01
Maybe I’m paranoid, but I don’t want just anyone knowing my room number and what day I will be out fishing for 8 hours! I don’t care where I’m at.
Also you can put whatever date you want.
Pretty explanatory, paid my 531 pesos for the yearly license I wanted and that I wanted it to start on Jan 25th. Gave me back correct change. You must have pesos, no dollars. But it does take credit cards! I didn’t try this, but there were Visa and MC signs on the machine.


2 responses to “mexican fishing licenses

    • most of the tournaments in Cabo San Lucas are in October. There are others though. Which part of Mexico are you visiting and when? I can better answer your questions.

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