Cabo Tsunami update, 2 pm

Well, back from the Marina after checking out the change in water level. Looks like a non-event, thank goodness! The largest change we saw was 1 foot high and low from the mean, so a 2 foot change. The last of the 4 swells changed the levels the quickest, perhaps 15 minutes total. One of the puzzling things for me was the Port Captain letting some of the larger boats leave the Marina. These were not giant boats, and they were tied to floating docks so there should not have been a problem, but the smaller vessels were not allowed to leave. Also, even after the event was over the harbor remained closed, not to re-open
until tommorow morning. Well, that’s the up-date and we are happy no one lost a boat and the swells were smaller than expected, sorry that we lost a day of fishing possibilities. That makes tomorrow a real hunt as the fish can move quite a bit in two days! Thanks for checking in , and I should have something more to say Sunday about the fishing. Until then, tight lines!

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