Tsunami warning in Cabo

As a result of the 8.9 earthquake in Japan this morning we are expecting a tsumani surge in Cabo at right around 10:59 local time. As of this morning at 6 am the Port Captain has closed the port of Cabo San Lucas to all vessel traffic, to be re-evaluated at 11 am. We are expecting a high tide this morning at approximately 10:13 so, depending on the heigth of the tsumani swell, we may have surge in the marina that would bring water over the top of the malacon. Last time we had a tsumani surge (several years ago) it was at low tide so while we did have strong water movement through the marina entrance, we did not have any high water problems. At first everyone here was just upset that the port had been closed, as it is a known fact that the safest place for a vessel to be during a tsunami is at sea, but on further reflection it makes a lot of sense. The last thing the Port Captain wants is a bunch of money greedy water taxis/glass bottom boats trying to load/unload passengers off the beach while this is taking place, or trying to take them through the arch. Also, with the narrow entrance there is going to be very strong currents as the water ebbs and flows, resulting in eddies and currents the vessels are not used to, possibly resulting in groundings and collisions. All the vessels that are tied to docks should be fine as they are floating docks, but there are quite a few pangas that are tied to the quay walls, and they may have problems. We are hoping things will go well, and are waiting to hear how the rest of the coast fares. Hopefully we will be open again this morning for fishing, and the cruise ship will be allowed to load/unload passengers. Our prayers go out to the people of Japan, and to those living on low lying islands in the Pacific. With a 13 foot surge in Japan, but weaking as it travels toward us, there is still a lot of possible damage to atolls and islands.


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