About Town

Cruising through town yesterday I noticed a policeman on a small scooter, all dressed to the nines and looking like a California Highway Patrolman with his knee high leather boots, white shirt with those little things on the shoulders and his white helmet. All of a sudden he zipped off and several blocks later He had a car pulled over and one of the corner policemen was walking over to him. You know who I am talking about? The corner policemen, the ones who stand at the corners and intersections to mess up the traffic flow. Yep, the ones with no gun, just a nightstick and radio. Well, it appears that they now have their own enforcement division! Before, if one of these corner cops tried to wave you over you would just pretend not to have noticed them, knowing that they were going for a shakedown looking for 50 pesos or so. Now they call the guy on the scooter, and he scoots along until he finds you, then either collects money or gives you a ticket. Since giving you a ticket here involves removing your license plate, and he has no place to store license plates, I think you know where this is going! Anyway, I thought it was cute and have nicknamed the guy C.R.I.S.P.’y instead if a C.HI.P. That stands for “Cabo Radio Intercept Scooter Police”. Cute, huh? On another note, a friend of mine, Malcom (he’s English) and I were watching sports at Tanga Tanga yesterday and we were watching soccer when two plyes went for a header and one of them was cut on the head. After seeing a bit of blood flow I mentioned that the only other sports I could think of that cause that kind of damage was boxing and hockey. Being English, he was very quick to respond and let me know that almost every 15 man Rugby Team member he had ever met had cauliflower ears adn scars on the cheeks and broken noses. Tough world out there! We were also watching a re-cap of the Masters (what a finish, uh?) when our friend John mentioned another friend had toured the course before the tournement, bought a round of beers for his friends and that the round of beers cost less than one beer at Yankee Stadium. I said that just goes to show the difference between class and crass, everyone cracked up! Oh well, until the fish report, have fun!


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