Recipe of the week

Many people have said they want the recipe I used for Tawny’s “cake” Our friend Mariana came up with this idea to make her a “terraine” so I looked around on the internet. Most for people are pretty fancy with all kinds of stuff in them. So I cut out the onions, mushrooms and other stuff she shouldn’t have.
I just boiled down the carcass of a rostisserie chicken along with 2 shredded carrots. Picked the bones out, left meat and gristle parts in.
I found some plain knox gelatin. 1 pack used 2 cups of broth, so I doubled it for the mold I have.
2 packs plain gelatin, 4 cups hot chicken broth and 2 shredded carrots! Probably could use frozen veggie mix too!
Tawny and the other dogs all loved it! and good for them!

I checked around on the internet and they said no problem for the dog. One said, it was good for Grandma and her arthritic joints, should help older dogs too!!!

google “gelatine for dogs” and you’ll find a wealth of info. I’m thinking next time I’ll put it in a 9×13 pan and freeze it for cool snacks!!!
Tawny does like peas and carrots, so I’ll add some of those in!


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