Hurrican Dora Update 1/22/2011 1PM local

Well it took me a while to get back to you but I was securing a boat for possible winds and for sure surge in the Marina. Got that done and now here’s the latest. Dora is still slowning down and is now a catagory 1 hurricane and is expected to further devolve to a tropical storm sometime tonight. I things go well all we may get is some cloudy weather and hopefully some rain. For sure we are going to have some larger swells by this afternoon and tonight. Depending on conditions in the morning the port may be open, but to too many are betting on it. I was at the marina for a while and did see some boats returning early, probably to to some seasickness as a result of the swells, but they were flying flags! I saw quite a few Dorado flags, each boat seemed to have at least 4, and a couple of tuna and marlin flags. I’ll update again tomorrow morning before I go to the golf course.

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