Hurrican Dora Update 7/22/11 5:45 AM

Good morning folks and it looks like it may stay a good morning for us! Checking all the good info out there it appears as if Dora will still pass to the southwest of us at around 11 AM Saturday but it has lost a lot of power in the last 24 hours, and is expected to become a Tropical Storm at it’s time of closest approach. The likel;yhood of us receiving Tropical Storm force winds has dropped from 40-50% to 10-20%. Good news indeed! The main concern we have now is the size of the swells. Yesterday afternoon we were at the beach when the marines and harbor master shut down all beachbased motor sports, no jet skies, water taxis, parasails, etc. due to the conditions. Large surf was washingup the beach and pounding against the seawall in front of the Puebla Bonita resorts. We have a charter scheduled for this morning and are on the way to the marina in a few minutes to see if the port captian will allow the boats to leave. We will update when we return.


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