Fish Recipe of the Week!!

Fish Recipe of the Week!!!

This week it is an easy and very tasty one!

With all the fresh Tuna we are catching now I had to come up with something just a little different. We have been eating Sashimi a lot, and lots of sushi as well, but these tasty little appetizers were served to us recently at Nic-San. We were guests, and at five bucks a pop they were WAY to expensive to have very many, but I did a little research and they are very easy to make. The main ingredient is of course, fresh Yellowfin Tuna!

Spicy Tuna Rice Crackers

Like I said, EASY!

Buy some good quality rice crackers;

dice some fresh Yellowfin Tuna, dice it pretty fine

mince a jalapeno after removing the seeds and ribs

a dash of rice wine vinegar

a few dashes of chili oil to taste (this is where the spicy comes in!)

put ½ tablespoon of the mix on a rice cracker

chop up some scallions or green onion tops a bit smaller than the tuna

sprinkle a bit of the scallion or onion on top and serve!!

Have a cold beer or two and enjoy!


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