Fish Recipe of the Week “Blackened Tuna”

Blackened Tuna with rice

This week we had fresh Tuna once again, one of my favorite fish for dinner. We also had very little time to prepare so this week I am telling you the simple way to fix blackened tuna.

2 ingredients are needed for the tuna:

tuna steaks cut to 1 ½ thickness
Old Bay Blackened seasoning (told you it was simple!)

dust both side of the steaks with the seasoning

pre-heat grill or pan to high heat and then brush with oil so the fish does not stick

place the steaks on the grill, turn with a spatula when the color change shows about 1/4th of the way up the steak, cook the same amount of time of the back side.

The steaks should be seared on the outside and almost raw in the center.

A perfect side to this was rice, Mary made ours with some chicken stock so it was full of flavor, and we had a small salad with it.

Total time was 15 minutes except for the rice, that took 1 hour.

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