Fish recipe of the week (finally) SUSHI!

I know that it has been a while since I have posted a fish recipe, but it has been a while since I have gotten any fresh fish. Not that there have not been plenty of them caught, but it seems that all our clients have been taking everything home with them! Well, just the other day we were offered a very nice piece of Yellowfin Tuna loin. Immediately I think Sashimi and sushi. The sashay is easy, just slice thinly on the bias after partial freezing, then arrange neatly and serve with some wasabi, soy and lemon slices. Sushi take a bit more time, but is not difficult.
For sushi you need the following:

a bamboo sushi mat
a package of nori (dried seaweed)
pickled ginger (a small jar)
sushi rice (a small bag of calrose is just fine)
rice vinegar (sweet, specially for sushi)
Yellowfin Tuna (or wahoo, or yellow-tail or salmon)
toasted sesame seeds
cream cheese (small package of Philadelphia is fine)

Almost all of these ingredients can be found at a large supermarket, if not, then a specialty market should have things like the sushi mat, nori and ginger.

Start with the rice. It can be made ahead of time. Our standard is one part rice to two parts water. Put the rice in the water, bring to a hard boil, cover and remove from the heat. Let it sit until you are ready to use it. Sushi rice is a sticky rice, necessary to hold it’s shape and form. When you are ready to make the sushi, drizzle some of the rice vinegar into the rice while gently folding the rice over and over. This will keep the rice from forming clumps. When you are making the sushi, dip your spoon in the vinegar from time to time to keep the rice from sticking to it.

The rice is made. Now bring out the bamboo sushi mat and lay it on the counter with the bamboo going left to right. Take a piece of nori and place it on the mat with the perforations running the same direction as the bamboo, with the shiny side up.

Take a tablespoon, dip it is the vinegar then take a large scoop of rice or two and place it in the center of the nori. Use the back side of the spoon to spread the rice out evenly on the nori. You don’t want it too thick because you are now going to add other stuff!

Slice the cucumber very thinly lengthwise and lay some across the top 1/3 of the rice, then place thin slices of tuna (or other fish) the same way. With very cold cream cheese take some thin slices and lay along the fish and cucumber, then sprinkle with some of the sesame seeds.

Now is the tricky part! Using the mat, take the top section (the one away from you), slowly lift it and bring it toward you while making the nori roll over and touch the rice on the far side of the ingredients. Now you have a partial completed roll with the ingredients in the center. While pressing gently on the top of the mat, roll the remaining nori and rice around the started roll. Remove the mat and place the roll on a cutting board. Slice off ½ inch on both ends, then slice the roll in half then each half into thirds so that you end up with 6 pieces.

If you have done it right (and it might take a few times), when you lay a slice on it’s side it looks like a pinwheel. Serve with some wasabi, soy sauce and pickled ginger slices on the side. That’s it!


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