Update to 855 Black Marlin

It appears that the Black Marlin I reported as weighing 855 pounds may actually be larger than that, making it he largest Marlin weighed here in Cabo in decades! After hooking the electronic scale to the fish and recording the weight of 855 pounds, the scale was removed and an attempt was made to zero it out. That attempt failed, making the recorded weight suspect. Therefore measurements were taken and re-taken in order to use a basic mathematical formula to find the weight. The girth of the fish (75 1/2 inches) squared (5,700.25) multiplied by the fork length (a measurement from the tip of the lower bill to the fork of the tail, 136.5 inches) = 778,084.125 divided by 800 = 972.60 pounds + or – 10%. An extremely nice fish and one of a lifetime for Richard Biehl and Tom Miller. congratulations to both, and to the crew of the “Go Deep” for their professionalism in staying the course of the fight instead of cutting the fish off after 8 hours.
This fish just goes to show that if you want to be afraid to come to Mexico and Cabo in particular, don’t worry about anything on land, worry about what might happen to you if you hook up to a beast like this! If it happens during one of our Marlin Tournaments in October it might be worth a few million dollars as well! Now that is a real reason to fish our waters!


3 responses to “Update to 855 Black Marlin

    • Hi Kenny! I don’t believe these big girls live that long, but for sure at least 15 years. The fight appeared to be on 50 pound gear, that’s one of the reasons it took so long. The anglers were not small guys, and they were experienced.

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