Update to Black Marlin weight claims

Well, with all the claims and counter claims about the weight of the large Black Marlin caught by Richard Biehl and Tom Miller on the “Go Deep” the other day I though perhaps it was time to clear the air (once again). I was there and took pictures, know Tony Berkowitz who had the scale and took the measurements and talked to several other folks as well.
Now to the basics. The fish has been reported as weighing #885, #972 and #1,213 at differing times.
The fish was hoisted onto the rack to be weighed but the bill was not clearing the ground so it was lowered and tied so that the entire fish was clear of the ground. The electronic scale was hooked up and Tony reported that it registered #885. The scale was then checked and it was found that it could not be zeroed out so the fish was lowered to the ground and measurements were taken. Tony made each measurement several times and finally recorded the length as being 136.5 inches and the girth as 75.5 inches. Using a standard formula of length times girth squared divided by 800 the fish was recorded and #972 plus or minus 10%. The fish was then raised once again for more pictures with the electronic scale attached and for just a moment the scale bleeped #1,213 but did not stay there. This scale was reported by Tony to not have been recently certified, but upon seeing the blip of #1,213 some of the bystanders began declaring that the true weight and that was what was written on the chalkboard.
If you would like to do the math there are several places you can check it at. At this site, http://www.csgnetwork.com/fishsaltwtcalc.html the estimated weight is 902 pounds. At http://www.lizardislandgfc.asn.au/size.php, using the graph shows it to be 968 pounds. At this site http://www.mexfish.com/fish/blkmarl/blkmarl.htm there is a picture of a 717 pound fish.
Compare these estimates and compare the pictures.
It is significant that in every photo of a #1,000+ Black Marlin I have seen, as well as mounts that I have seen, the girth of the fish is carried well back into the tail section, so far back as to make the tail appear as an afterthought. Based on these observations as well as the estimated weight, this Black Marlin appears to be in the #850-#900 class.
That is a wonderful fish, no mistake about it, but it is not a grander. Some people would like to believe it is, but do the math and examine the pictures for yourself.

Capt. George Landrum
I.G.F.A Certified Captain
I.G.F.A. Certified Observer
U.S.C.G. 100T Master


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