Bisbee’s first day results

much better fishing yesterday for marlin than the last week. 4 marlin brought to the scales yesterday. The 1st brought in by Steel Hookin” with angler Jim Wilson, after a 52 minute fight on their blue marlin. Unfortunately when the fish was brought to the scales it only weighed 285 lbs. Next up in comes long time Bisbee fisherboat Tiger Spirit, with angler Luis Alberto Liera Cesena with a 23 minute fight. Their blue marlin is now at the top of the list at 395 lbs. Hmmm think that fish will hold the day. only 2 hours later, here comes Bad Medicine and angler Luis Lorenzo Arballo Castillo who fought his blue marlin for 33 minutes. A whopping 409 lbs is now at the top of the list. Hanging out at the weigh station it was awhile before anyone brought another fish in. Hundreds hung out waiting as word spread there was another marlin coming to the docks. Reel Energy angler Brian Walley fought his blue marlin for 27 minutes. But when the fish got to the scales it was only a disappointing 201 lbs. So they are starting the tournament with a negative 223 points.

As it stands right now, Bad Medicine was is all the small jackpots and Tiger Spirit will take the $5,000 and $10,000 for the day. Not a bad days work for a good day fishing.
Be sure to check out todays action at


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