Bisbee’s Wrap-up

Another exciting year for Bisbee’s Black and Blue, the richest fishing tournament in the world. 101 teams all looking for their share in the 2.1 million dollar purse this year. Top fish of the year was only 409 lbs. Only you say, well, we have seen some very large fish this year. The day before the tournament started, a boat brought to the scales a 743lb marlin, and you have all heard about the controversy over the 972 lb fish a couple weeks ago. Of the qualifying fish brought in these past 3 days, only 1 fish was in the big $5,000 and $10,000 jackpots. So while Tiger Spirit did not bring in the biggest fish of the tournament, he does get a big chunk of the money. These jackpots were worth $369, 750 each day. So now he gets that times 3! The smaller jackpots that will go to Bad Medicine, Pegasus and El Lobo for having the biggest fish each day will get $249, 560 to each boat.  These boats were in the $200, $500, $1000, and $2,000 per day jackpots.   Remember this is just the jackpot money. Hammertime and Big Time had 900 points each for the release tournament. The winner will be chosen by who hooked up first I believe.
Entry in the tournament without jackpots will be divided amongst 3 biggest fish, top Captain and crews and a portion goes to charity and of course a portion goes to the Bisbee’s to pay for all those beads they throw around.
Awards banquet is this evening and exact amounts for each boat and Captain will be announced there.
Stay tuned……The Western Outdoor Tuna Jackpot is up next Nov 3 and 4!


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