Salmon Fillets

Salmon fillets

Every year our friends from Anchorage come to fish. They bring their cooler down full of salmon, frozen and smoked and hopefully they take the cooler back full of tuna. All week I have been eating the smoked salmon with cream cheese and crackers, YUM!. George isn’t a big salmon fan, so I have to cook it up now while he is off fishing in Mag Bay. This is an easy way to cook up your salmon fillets and yummy too!

I start with a skillet, with a cover. I add a couple tablespoons of Avocado oil, and 5 garlic cloves, and two sprigs of thyme. Saute until the garlic is brown, don’t let it burn or you have to start over. Remove the spices from the pan, I added a tablespoon of butter for flavor. Once melted, add your salmon fillets, skin side down. I turn the heat down to medium. Cover and let simmer for 5-10 minutes depending on the thickness. You want the fish to be white about half way up. Then I turn the fillets over and add ¼ cup white wine. Cover and cook for another couple minutes. When cooking fish, you want to remove from the heat before it is cooked through. It will still cook for a few minutes after removing from the heat.
Remove the skin, it should peel off easily. Serve on the plate, skin side down. You should have a beautiful crust on the top of the fillet.
I served with a little tarter sauce, which is simple to make if you have the right ingredients. Mayonnaise, add pickle relish, bit of yellow mustard, dash of garlic powder and Worcester sauce.


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