Cabo Bite Report


Captain George Landrum

Cabo Fish Report

October 23-30, 2011


Favorite time of the year, the fish are biting, the hot hot humid
days have gone away.  Daytime high’s in the low 90’s, nighttime low
70’s. Light breezes in the afternoons.  No need for air conditioning.
And the fish are biting!

The best fishing has been on the Pacific side with San Jaime and
Golden Gate Banks holding temperatures of 83-84 degrees and the best
fishing.  Water temps over by Gorda Banks are about 84-87, but  they
don’t seem to be holding much fish there.  The Pacific side is the
place to be!

BAIT:  Bait,
at least good live bait was hard to come by this week.  Many of the
boats were going with frozen Ballyhoo instead, at least you could get
those, but they were expensive at $4 each.  There were a few live
baits of the larger size, but not much in the way of quality baits.
Toward San Jose you could get decent Sardinas, and the farther you
got from Cabo the more you got for your money.


The billfish have picked up this week, more striped marlin are
being caught, and the sailfish numbers are remaining up there also.
They usually feed with the dorado, but have heard reports of the
sailfish being caught along side the yellowfin.  I did not hear of
any large blue or black marlin this, week, but some in the 100-200 lb
range.  George:  We caught Sailfish and Striped Marlin outside Mag
Bay on the way down, the water was 81 degrees and there were decent
concentrations of Striped Marlin at the south end of the Ridge and on
the lower Thetis Bank.  More Sailfish again locally at the San Jaime
Bank but we did not have a Blue or Black come in on the lures the
entire trip.

YELLOWFIN TUNA: Tuna Tuna Tuna, I want Sushi!  Lots of tuna around
which is good thing with the Western Outdoor News Tuna Jackpot coming
up this Thursday and Friday.  Most of the tuna I have seen coming in
have been in the 30-40 lb range with a few 60 -100lb range.  Reports
of 200+ lb fish jumping, but couldn’t get them to bite. Tossing
ballyhoo, mackerel, cedar plugs, they just wouldn’t bite.  Whoever
figures out what they want will make some money this week if they are
in the tournament!  George:  We were hoping to fish the Finger Bank
on the way down and tried to time it so we could, but instead we
passed the bank at 4AM.  I saw three long range boats out of San
Diego anchored up as well as a few private boats, but there was no
one on the decks fishing except for a deckhand on each boat keeping
the chum going.  I heard one private boat captain talking to another
on the radio and he reported catching three Yellowfin over 200 pounds
while fly-lining live mackerel, but he was there  for two days.  I
saw nice meter marks from big fish on the west side of the Golden
Gate Bank but they were deep, 250 to 300 feet.  Locally the boats
were finding the football and school fish just 6-10 miles off the
beach on the Pacific side, but every school had a wad of boats
working it.

DORADO: Lots, and lots of dorado this week
again.  If you are trolling inshore, they are hard to miss.  A lot of
small ones, I even saw someone with a 2 lb fish the other day.
Normally those are thrown back, but this one didn’t make it.  Most of
the fish are in the 8-15 lb, with some hitting the 30lb mark.
George:  We gave up on Dorado after a while, it was hard to avoid
them!  You only need so many, after that they were getting in the

WAHOO:  I have seen a couple wahoo flags
this week. Fish in the 30 lb range.  Not usually a lot this time of
year.  George:  The owner of the boat I came down on caught his
personal best at 65 pounds off of the upper Thetis Bank and we had
quite a few other strikes during the trip, all of them in 15 to 30
fathoms of water whenever we neared shore.

INSHORE:  The water temperatures are
staying warm, so still some nice roosterfish around, snapper,
groupers, almost November, but I haven’t seen any sierra yet.  The
Dorado fishing is also good close to shore. 

FISH RECIPE: posted on the blog Thursday or

NOTES: As you have noticed, this fishing
report is a little short.  Most of you have figured out that I, Mary,
am writing the report today.  George will be back sometime today and
give you a better report.  He left Monday to bring a boat down and
stopped to fish a few days at Mag Bay.  He was hoping to spend a few
hours at Finger Banks this morning. All I know for sure is that he
caught a couple of 50 lb wahoo.  I didn’t pay attention to anything
else he caught, I was daydreaming about how I am going to eat some of
that wahoo!  My favorite Sam Choy recipe with the mango salsa!  I’ll
see if I can get him to give you all a trip report for the ride down.

In the meantime Tight Lines and good luck to
all of you in the Tuna Tournament!













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