W.O.N. Tuna Tournament Update

Just a quick update on the status of the Western Outdoors Tuna Tournament. As of Wednesday night there were 107 teams entered with a total of $460,000 in cash to be taken home by lucky teams. 87 of the 107 teams are entered in the optional Wahoo/Dorado Jackpots with a total of $69,600 on the line. Not quite the number of teams in last years tournament when there were 118 entries, considering the economy this has been a great turnout. Wish I was out there competing, the wind died down last night and the water looks to be in great condition. I think that the big fish is going to come off of either a kite fished on a porpoise herd or a down-rigged live bait on the Golden Gate or Finger Banks, but that’s just a guess (cause that’s what I’d be doing!). My fingers are crossed for the teams on the “Mextime”, “Renegademike” and “Off the Hook”. We will try and give a brief update as the next two days pass and let you know the status of the big fish!

Here is the link to their blog which they say will be updated regularly.  If not, I will post here on our blog.



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