Normaly we would be posting a fish recipie of some kind (if we remembered to do it) on Thursdays, but considering that this is Thanksgiving I thought I would share some thoughts with you. My wife was asked the other day by a local Mexican why we had a big party on Thanksgiving and not on Christmas. Her reply was to the point, and as far as I am concerned, perfectly stated. Her reply, “Christmas is about the family, Thanksgiving is about your friends”. This Thanksgiving, just as for the past five or six years, we have invited friends to the house, thankfull that we have so many, and very thankfull that they are such good friends. With two turkeys, one ham and a prime rib roast, mashed potatoes, stuffing, salads, pies and cobblers, each one has donated to the group. Drinks, ice, mixers, snacks, chairs and tables, it all comes in from friends, and it is our privilage to host them at our home. This year we are expecting between 25 and 30 friends, and a few more folks that may become friends, to visit and share our giving thanks.
We are thankfull for our health, as good as it may be, because there are others in worse shape. We are thankfull for our wealth such as it may be, perhaps not in money, but for sure in an abundance of friends. We are thankfull for our family, and wish they could be here to share our abundance with us. Thankfull for our clients for trusting us and coming back time after time. Thankfull for my readers, hoping that you get a bit of knowledge, a nugget of information or a bit of humor to help you through the day. And most of all, we are thankfull that the Lord has made all of this available to us on a daily basis.
“Lord, may you bless all of us gathered here today, as well as all of our friends who are absent or whom you have taken to your house. May you keep them healthy and full of your spirit for the rest of their days, amen.”


2 responses to “Thanksgiving

    • You guys make your Old Man proud and happy i. I am sure the rest of the family feel much the same way. You are both always missed! Love to you and your friends too!
      Dad and family

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