Cabo Fish Report Update

Yesterday afternoon there was a Blue marlin that weighed just over 630 pounds hanging at the Cabo marina. According to word I heard, the fish was caught from a boat based out of San Jose named either “Perro Caliente” or “Hot Dog”, gee, it’s the same thing wither way, right? Anyway, the boat was part of a large corporate group outing of 20 boats and the fish was hooked up on the Pacific side out just past the San Jaime Banks where the warm water has been. Fishing for the Yellwofin Tuna, the fish struck on a small feather and the fish died during the fight, resulting in the last 90 minutes being a slow hand-over-hand pull to retrieve the fish. Too bad she died, but what a nice fish. She had been out there feeding on the 10-20 pound Yellowfin. Other good information was the action that took place up around the Inman Bank and Punta Gorda. Plenty of Tuna as well as a Swordfish hooked and lost, a Black marlin of just over 500 pounds and several Blue marlin between 200 and 300 pounds. Lets hope the action continues! Oh, and by the way, one of the boats found some nece Dorado under a kelp paddy and came in with quite a few fish between 20 and 30 pounds!


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