Daylight Saving Time in Cabo San Lucas

Daylight Saving Time has always been a bit of a problem for tourists, no matter where they travel . Not all countries observe it, and those that do are not always on the same schedule. Here in Cabo San Lucas our visitors are often an hour late or early because they think that we change the same as the U.S.
Combine the fact that we are on Mountain time, not Pacific time, add the change in Daylight Saving Time and it can be very confusing. In the U.S., the clock gets set forward one hour on March 11, 2012. There are 10 border cities in Mexico that change on that date and time as well in order to facilitate business, but here, as in the rest of the country except the state of Sonora (where it does not change at all) we see the change occur on April 1, 2012.
Changing the clock for Daylight Saving Time is simple, in the spring move the hour forward, in the fall, move it back. Just don’t forget that we change on April 1st, if your charter leaves the dock at 6:30 am local time between March 12 and March 31 and you have not set your watch correctly you will be arriving an hour early!


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