Pan Fried Yellowtail

I had a craving for some fish and chips, so I came up with this recipe. I have used the Panko in the oven to cook until golden brown, but not gluten free bread crumbs.
so whichever way you try it, skip the flour coating and go light.
And instead of chips, I went for the cole slaw!

Pan Fried Yellowtail

1 lb yellowtail or other white meat fish
1 package Gluten Free breadcrumbs or you can use Panko Bread Crumbs
1 egg white
cold water
Oil for frying

Tarter Sauce

1/2 cup mayo
¼ cup sour cream
½ garlic powder
Black pepper to taste
1 tsp yellow mustard
¼ cup pickle relish either dill or sweet, which every your preference.
If you use hot dog relish, skip the mustard.

I make the tarter sauce in advance, then when the fish is done you are ready to eat.
Mix the ingredients the ingredients together and refrigerate to let flavors blend together.

Clean the fish of any blood line and cut into finger size pieces.
Mix the egg yolk with ¼ cup ice cold water
Heat oil in fry pan
Dredge fish through the egg white mixture then coat with bread crumbs
place in the oil, depending on the thickness about 1 ½ minute each side, or until golden brown.
When you pull out of the oil, place the fish on a rack over paper towels for excess oil to drip off.

On the side, a little cole slaw.
For the dressing I used ½ cup rice wine vinegar, with a dash or two of sesame oil.


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