Day 3 up-date on IGFA Offshore Championship, Cabo San Lucas

I am a little late on the up-date today as we spent the afternoon at the beach watching the 47 boats returning. Every single one came home from the Sea of Cortez side of the Cape. Check out my fish report at the beginning of next week for the reason! Well, it looks like barring a total skunk on day 4, the 2010 Offshore Championship team will be repeating their sucess this year. At the end of the day they hold a very commanding lead with 7,400 points, over twice the number of points held by the Master Dolphins Tournament and the 7th Campeonato Int. de Pesca Grossa Del Portimao teams who are tied in second place with 3,600 points each. Angler Hernando Gonzalez reamins as the top angler with a combined 3 day total of 4,800 points. Total fish catch so far over three day and 47 teams is 393 Stri ped Marlin released with no Blue or Black Marlin reported. Tomorrow is the final day of the tournament and as I mentioned, barring the 2010 Championship team failing to go out, or getting skunked, they will be crowned as this year champion as well. I should have more information tomorrow and of course, the weekly report on Sunday! Until then, tight lines!


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