Final Results for the IGFA Offshore Championship in Cabo San Lucas

It was no suprise to anyone that the team representing the 2010 Offshore Championship walked away with first place this year. Going in to the fourth day of fishing they held an almost insurmountable lead with more than twice the number of points than the second and third place teams. Releasing a total of 37 Striped Marlin, from three different boats with three different crews in the first three days, they proved that winning in 2010 was no fluke. The team lead after day one with 11 releases, tied for first place on day two at 11 releases with the team that would end up in second place, the Master Dolphins Tournament team, who ended up with a total of 3,800 points for the tournament. On the third day the 2010 Championship team released 15 Striped Marlin and on the fourth day they released no fish at all. The third place overall was the team representing the 7th Campeonato Int. de Pesca Grossa de Portemao. With 47 teams representing different qualifying tournaments from around the world, fishing for 4 days with a different boat and crew each day, we had the best of the best fishing in this tournament. The total releases for the 188 man days of fishing efforst was 401 billfish with three Dorado brought in and weighed for extra points. The fourth day of fishing had a dismal showing by the Marlin as only 8 fish were released. This was undoubtedly due to the sudden change in wind and current on Thursday night that dropped the water temperature by almost 7 degrees. Top angler for the tournament was Hernando Gonzalas from the 2010 Offshore Championship team with 24 releases and the top captain for the tournament was Capt. Luis Abaroa of the boat “Go Deep”, a 31′ Blackfin. Congradulations to everyone on a great tournament!


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