Tuna in cream sauce

Grilled Tuna with Cream Sauce

I know I have been bad about fish recipes on the blog . Had a couple bad experiments and it turned me off.
Well I climbed back on that horse and here is this weeks recipe.
I inherited lots of cookbooks over the years. People leave and they just don’t want to haul them back to the states.
One of these books I was looking through this week was
the Wolfgang Puck Cookbook, printed in 1986. I kept some little strips of paper to mark recipes I wanted to try and knew I could get the ingredients here. The original recipe called for Mahi Mahi, and I had fresh tuna. It also called for small red onions. Would you believe I couldn’t a red onion?
So I have some big green onions growing in the back yard and used those. Delightful.

Enough rambling, here is the recipe.

Grilled Tuna with cream sauce.
This was enough for the 2 of us.

1 lb tuna fillet, slice about 1 inch thick. I had a fillet from a small tuna, I just cut it length wise so we had some nice size steaks.
Avacado oil, olive oil, your favorite.
3 small onions, my green onion bulbs were about 3 inches around.
Sliced about 1/8 thick
Salt, pepper,
fresh Thyme sprig, (that’s in our yard also!) You just want the leaves.
½ cup dry white wine
½ cup heavy cream
¼ cup unsalted butter.
First off you want to marinade your fish for a few hours.
Cover your fillets with oil, and cover with slices of one of the onions. Let sit for 2-3 hours.

Getting started, put some rice on. Get the grill started.
In a sauce pan, a little more oil, when hot, add the rest of the sliced onion.
Saute the onion until just brown and crispy. Stir in the Thyme leaves, add the white wine and reduce by half.

Add the heavy cream and let it reduce a little more.
Add Salt and pepper to taste.
Whisk in the butter last. Use small pats, stir into sauce until almost completely melted, then add another pat, until all butter is melted into the sauce.
Set this aside until tuna is ready.
Salt and pepper your fish and place on the grill. Remember under cooked is better than over cooked, fish will keep on cooking after it’s removed from the grill.

Serve the fish on a bed of rice and spoon the onion sauce over the top. This was sooooo goood. But I guess anything with heavy cream and butter cannot taste bad!


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