Big fish on a small boat!

Who says you have to be on a big boat to catch big fish? On Wednesday of this week a possible new world record Yellowfin Tuna was brought in to the scales here in Cabo San Lucas. Reportedly caught 180 miles out, it was caught on a large private yacht, and after scaling out at 421.5 pounds is an awesome accomplishment, one to be proud of your entire life.
But what if you don’t have a private yacht at your disposal? Maybe all you can afford to go out on is a little 23 foot panga. Can you still do it? Well, according to Ken Ward you can catch big fish from small boats, and he proved it this afternoon.
It was not world record size, and would not have qualified anyway since the last hour of the fight was spent hand-lining the dead fish up to the boat, but there were the first three hours spent fighting the fish. Oh, all right, it was a Yellowfin Tuna that weighed in at 280 pounds at the main dock scale, caught on #40 line from a Panga! Victor Garcia, the captain of the panga “Santi 1” had Ken as his client today. Ken is an avid reader of my fish report and lives here in Cabo. They started out the day looking for Sailfish to cast to with the fly rod but found a good looking school of porpoise on the south side of the San Jaime Bank. They were not getting any big bites, even though they could see fish on the depth sounder, so Victor decided to go to where the fish were staying. He deployed a downrigger with a live Caballito and worked the school for a while, getting in front of the pod of dolphin and dropping the bait down. It finally worked and after four hard, sweaty hours the fish was in the boat. Then it was a run into the marina for weighing and photos of the fish of a lifetime!
Congratulations to both Ken and Victor. Now, Victor, could you make sure some of our clients get that kind of action?


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