kite fishing for tuna? 156 lbs! on the Blue Marlin!

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2 responses to “kite fishing for tuna? 156 lbs! on the Blue Marlin!

  1. Capt. Geo that was incredibly huge tuna, I have not seen any giant tuna like that in the best fishing charter Myrtle Beach. I know that the large tuna in the picture is genuinely 156 lbs. not because of the camera trick. Sometimes many pictures of fishes posted in blogs are bogus. You know what your website is amazing though you did not elaborate how you caught it, you only incorporate it with pictures it is definitely very meaningful. I am looking forward to your next post. Keep it up.

    • Thanks for the reply! The fish was caught while cruising off to one side of a large pod of white bellied dolphin with a kite in the air about 80 yards off the starboard stern. The bait was a plastic flying fish rigged on 200 pound leader and a 3X treble hook, 50 pound main line, clipped to a release set 20 yards in from the kite. The fish made two attempts at the bait and got hooked on the third try. Capt. Roberto on the “Blue Marlin” has been using a kite for tuna for years, and has the process down very well. I hope to have pictures of my friend Tim Lawrence and the 158 pound tuna he caught on Saturday using a helium balloon posted as soon as he sends them.

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