Oar Fish swimming around Villa Del Palmar

These pictures were taken by our friends the Longs while they were in a water taxi in front of Villas Del Arcos.  Richard gave me a call asking what sort of creature it was and gave a very vivid description of it.  I told him it sounded like a deep water fish known as a ribbon fish and quickly went to the computer to check it out.  He told me that they had taken pictures of it and would send them to me, and here they are. You can see the fish, which we identified as an Oarfish, as it was swimming freely in the water, and before it had traveled farther down the beach and been grabbed by people.  No wonder Richard was excited!  This is a beautiful creature, and just imagine what one that is 56 feet long would look like!  I wish that they had a video of the fish swimming, I think that he said it swam with a snake-like motion, but am not totally sure.  It did not take long before the fish was noticed by others, and as it approached the beach in front of the Cabo Villas Resort it was grabbed by the people there.  This fish was a youngster of about 15 feet in length, as I said earlier they are known to get as large as 56 feet in length.  My earlier post on this fish has more information if you want to check it out, it did not take long before the presence of the Oarfish received international attention, but I believe the Longs pictures to be the best ones of the actual, live fish in all it’s glory.

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