Los Cabos Billfish Tournament and Bisbee’s Offshore Tournament

Day 3 of the Los Cabos Tournament failed to bring up any more large marlin.  Bill Collector takes all three days Jackpots with their

483 lb Black Marlin caught on day 2.  There was a total of 16 billfish caught over 2 days of fishing.  Day 1 was canceled by Hurricane Paul.

Sometimes after a hurricane it just takes a day or two for fishing to get back to normal.

But the action hasn’t stopped.  Today is day one of the Bisbee’s Offshore Tournament.  Often referred to as the “little Bisbee’s”

This tournament used to be only for past winners of the Bisbee’s Black and Blue.  But in recent years, they have opened up to anyone who wants to fish

it.  This year there are 80 teams with 464 anglers.  This Tournament only runs 2 days, then everyone will get ready for the Richest Marlin Tournament int he world Bisbee”s Black and Blue!

Here is today’s catch stat link, so you can follow who is hooked up,  Also this tournament adds the live video, so you can party along with everyone at the weigh station.


George is on Team Sporty Game!


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