Bisbee’s Offshore Tournament

Bisbee’s Offshore tournament has changed over the last few years. It used to be only for past Black and Blue Tournament winners. Maybe 20-30 boat each year. A couple years ago, they opened it up to all who want to enter.
This year there are 80 teams and 466 anglers.
The people entering these tournaments is changing. I don’t think I ever noticed so many pangas! Because they are adding different categories. A category just for tuna and one just for dorado. Minimum on these fish is 25 lbs. There are some decent tuna coming in. 19’s Toy is in the lead with a 314 lb Yellowfin, with 2nd place 113 lbs. Dorado showing up at 45.4 lbs. While none of these boats are only 23 ft, They are getting some decient size fish. And one may win today!
The Bisbee’s Offshore Tournament is only 2 days. Today is day 2 of fishing, Awards Banquet this evening. Tomorrow everyone will ge preparing for the big one. Bisbee’s Black and Blue Tournament runs Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
I will keep posting the daily links for the live hook-up status.
Here is today’s link.

George is fishing this tournament and the next, along with Team Sporty Game.
George will write up the regular fishing report tomorrow!
Until then Tight Lines!


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