Bisbee’s Black and Blue Tournament

Wow it was a very excitinig day over by the weight station. Not because of big fish. I just think everyone was so happy it’s “That time of Year”. Pretty much the start of our tourist season. Of course beads were flyng everywhere. There was lots of people looking for a good time as it always is around the weight station for Bisbee’s Black and Blue.

The fishing for that big blue marlin proved illusive. There was one marlin brought to the dock early in the day, but it was underweight. At least that fish went to a good cause.
There were lots of fish out there, but the only to bite did not meet the 300 lb minimum.
There was 1 black marlin, 7 blue marlin, 19 striped marlin, 2 sailfish and 1 spearfish released yesterday. One blue marline brought to the weigh station. The spearfish and sailfish do not count towards release category totals.
What is a spearfish I know many of you are asking. Here is the IGFA link.
Yes this is a fish normally caught in the Atlantic. Sure would love to see a picture of the one released yesterday. Because we do have short billed spearfish in the Pacific. Mostly Hawaii and farther West. Well I know they catch them in Hawaii and we could catch them off Guam. This is not the first long-billed Atlantic Spearfish caught in Cabo waters. I’ve seen a picture of angler with the fish from about 20 years ago. The thinking was the spearfish got lost and came through the Panama Canal to get here.

The full moon is Monday the 29th of October. I expect as we get closer the blue and black marlin bite will pick up. We sure hope to see some big fish at the scales.

All fish that are brought to the scales are donated to DIF and Casa Hogar to feed kids that are less fortunate! That can be a lot of fish fingers!

So here it is your link to day 2 of the richest fishing tournament in the world!
By the way, Wayne said yesterday this years pot is almost $2,500,000.
We have 107 teams with 690 anglers! Of course our household is rooting or Sporty Game!
So here is the link, that would be the boat George is fishing on!
Go Team Sporty Game!!!


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