Bisbee’s Black and Blue Tournament, Day 3

Well it’s been a crazy couple weeks here, and it all winds down today.
In the last 10 days, there has been 8 days of tournament fishing! Well 7 days
day 1 of the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament was canceled due to Hurricane Paul.
Was that only last week?
In those 7 days of fishing there have been 4 qualifying fish brought to the docks. Yesterday was the smallest of these 4 marlin, but it was worth the most!
Bill Collector won the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament with the only black marlin weighing 483 and winning $167,877.50. The biggest fish so far was brought in during the Bisbee’s Offshore Charity Tournament Saturday and Sunday. There was a marlin brought in each day in this tournament.
On Saturday Chupacabra brought in the biggest marlin so far weighing at 583 lbs. This marlin payed a little better, Team Chupacabra recieved $206,973. The biggest marlin on Sunday was in the same neighborhood caught by Team Sneak Attack at 565 lb blue marlin worth $189,837. The difference between these two prizes is the 583 lb fish was awarded a cash prize for biggest fish of the tournament.
Now we come to day 2 of the richest marlin tournament in the world. Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marlin Tournament. Only Blue and Black Marlin count.
Day 1, there were no fish over 300 lbs brought to the scales. So all of this jackpot money is rolled over to day 2. There is lots of excitement in the air when word gets out around Cabo there is a big marlin coming in. The 52 ft Hatteras from North Carolina “Frantic Pace” is bringing a fish to the dock. Around 3:30, the crowds waits to hear the weight of the fish.
465 lbs!!!! This Blue Marlin has won the most money of all of these big fish caught in the last 10 days. As luck would have it, 2 days worth of jackpots added up to $1.425 million dollars! That fish is worth $3064.51 per pound! And you thought Blue Fin Tuna was worth a lot of money!

Everyone is out again today looking for another large Blue or Black Marlin. Follow todays hook-ups, releases, tears of joy and laughter, heartbreak and sorrow!
For people that can’t be here with us, you can follow the action at the dock on the live video feed!

The biggest marlin that comes in today, Day 3, will be worth $712,500. If there are no qualifying marlin today, that jackpot money will go to ‘Frantic Pace”

So keep rooting for another big fish, to help spread the wealth!
Go Team Sporty Game!

Here is your link for day 3. You can navigate around this link to find past action, live video feed and the current hook-up status!

Wow I better hurry up here, it’s 8:26 and 2 striped marlin released already!

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