Bisbee’s Black and Blue Final Results

Team Frantic Pace with the winning fish! almost 2.5 million dollars!

It was another exciting year for Bisbee’s. One fish took it all. The only qualifying fish came to the docks Thursday afternoon. There was two late hookups on Friday, so everyone was waiting to see another big fish. Unfortunately the fish were not big enough to qualify. My guess is, they are thinking, this is the last minute, give the marlin a shot!.
So Congratulations to Team ‘Frantic Pace” and angler Dave Sanchez. They have won the whole shebang at close to $2.500,000!!

On another note, it was surpising to see so few big fish come in during these
3 tournaments. So I am going to get on my soap box again and ask you all to contact the following person and group to help us stop the commerical fishing in the waters around Cabo and San Jose.

Also, try dropping an email to Senator Luis Coppola, who is said to be sympathetic to Cabo fishermen. luis.coppola Thanks!!!


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