Mid Week Up-date!!

Just a quick update for those that read the report for the Cabo San Lucas area. We had a client from Baja On The Fly out today and two days ago with professional guide Lance Peterson and according to Lance, the fishing has been “Epic”. Lance usually guides on the East Cape but Joe specificly requested him as a guide for this week and it paid off. On Monday they worked the area on the Pacific side of the Cape called Marguarita and hooked Sierra Mackerel that ran from 3 pounds to almost 10 pounds. Lance said that they hooked up on almost every cast. (makes me wish they had tried for the presently open #2 tippet record!). Today they fishid an area just short of there and after tiring of Sierra headed slightly farther off the beach. Teasing up more fish, Joe caught several Mahi-Mahi casting to them, and they had a few nice Roosterfish to 25 pounds come to the boat as well. These fish did not show an interest in the flies, but a school of smaller fish in the 5-10 pound class showed shortly thereafter. Several casts werte made to these fish but before one of them would bite, a Jack Cravalle crashed the party and made Joe work! Captain Victor on the Panga “Santi I” did a great job of putting Joe and Lance on the fish, like he always does. Like I said, Lance called it “Epic”, and as a long time guide in our area, he should know! My regular report will be posted on Sunday, so stay tuned!


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