Western Outdoor News Tuna Shootout Day #2

While yesterday began with overcast skies and a light rain over the area, it didn’t dampen the spirits of the 136 teams competing in Western Outdoor News 2013 Tuna Shootout. Known far and wide as the “Bluecollar Tournament”, these anglers are here as much for the fun, fishing and parties as they are for the competition. With the entry fee into the basic tournament set at only $800 for a team of four anglers, you can enjoy the parties, the fishing and the chance at winning some of the great give-aways such as fishing trips to Alaska, rods and reels and much more, around $100,000 total. You also have a chance at catching a fish large enough to win some money!
This years tournament did not find as many large fish caught on day one as last years, last year there were a dozen Yellowfin over 200 pounds brought to the scales. Yesterday only three fish were weighed over 100 pounds. The largest was 147 pounds, the second largest was 131 pounds and the other large fish was 123 pounds. Having the largest fish does not always mean it’s worth more money though, as a fish weighing only 85 pounds was across the board in the jackpots and the largest Yellowfin was only entered in the Wahoo/Dorado category! You just never know!
Today started on a much drier note as the cloud cover and rain moved off to the east. The wind remained light and the seas reasonably calm as the boats spread across the fishing area, with more of them heading south and west than yesterday. As the scales opened at 2 PM it was only a short wait as two very nice fish were delivered to the scales. First in was a 170 pound Yellowfin caught aboard the “Reigna de Wahoo” and shortly thereafter the boat “Andrea” brought a slightly larger fish, at 172.6 pounds up the slope of the dock ramp.
Yesterday fish ended up taking some money, but were eclipsed in size by today’s front runners. The second largest fish yesterday took home daily jackpot money to the tune of $83,400 while the 87.5 pound fish had a greater payout at a total of $114,000. The largest yesterday at 147.8 and the third largest at 123.1 were entered only in the Wahoo/Dorado Jackpot and took home no jackpot money! These guys may just pony up next year! As of 3PM on the second day, the largest fish in the Wahoo/Dorado Jackpot is a beautiful 52.6 pound Wahoo caught by team “Koi Sushi”, and earned them $46,800 for yesterday’s daily.


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