A favorite is re-posted! Oarfish!

Based on the results of my stats page for the blog, one of the favorite posts I have done is the one about Oarfish.  We had friends out in Cabo Bay one day when a small Oarfish was seen swimming in the shallows.  They were quick to take some pictures, and these are of the fish actually swimming, prior to people on the beach removing it from the water.  You can look up more information on these unusual fish on the web, but I thought that I would go ahead and re-post the photos, an update if you will, so you dont have to scroll so far back to find them.  Again, thanks to the Long family for the pictures! These were origionaly posted on October 15, 2012. Notice the long trailing dorsal filament!OOOOOOOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOar fish in Cabo Bay Oct 10 2012


2 responses to “A favorite is re-posted! Oarfish!

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