Last minute Sunday Update

I was reminded by several anglers and Captains this evening that I forgot to mention the presence of three Tuna Pens that were fished on Saturday and today. I didn’t forget them, I just had a momentary lapse of memory, it happens when you get older. Anyway, there have been three pens being towed from the west and toward the east. Two of them, the front two, appear to have fish in them, and most of the boats going to fish the pens have been working behind the front two. The last pen appears to to be empty. The bite at these pens has been enjoyed by the first few boats to arrive, plenty of Dorado, some Striped Marlin and a decent Wahoo bite. There have also been some football sized yellowfin tuna scattered around within 1/2 mile of the pens, enough to provide lots of action and limits on these small, 5 to 8 pound fish. The Dorado were decent size with the larger fish being caught by the first boats on the scene Saturday, smaller fish today. The same thing occurred with Wahoo as there were decent numbers in good sizes for the first boats on the scene. As the bite died off, boats that were willing to drop jigs and work behind the nets continued to catch fish. These Tuna Pens were 17 miles to the south of Cabo this morning, headed east, who knows where they will be tomorrow. Mince this report is about what has happened I needed to up date the report, but don’t expect this to be the case for the coming week. Thank you for the comments, and tight lines.

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