Another battle begins!

My weekly Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report will be suspended indefinitely as once again health issues strike. We will be in Denver, Colorado for a while as Mary once again battles cancer. The latest MRI has shown the return of the small cell lung cancer as it has metastized once again to her brain. We had four months of relief since her last round of chemo and await word from her Doctor here about how this latest showing is to fought. Your good wishes and prayers are appreciated, and hopefully we return to Cabo soon. When we do I will resume the report. Regards, George

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6 responses to “Another battle begins!

  1. George, You don’t know us, but we feel like we know you, through your publications. All we can say is that our prayers are with you through these toughest of times, times that most people have no concept of. We await your arrival back to Cabo, with Mary so you can resume much more positive adventures…

  2. I’m so sorry. Live strong Mary; with God’s help and your inner strength you can destroy it! My prayers are with you and George.

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