Back to work!

I realize it has been quite a while since my last post, and if you read that then you are aware of the reasons.  The good news is that my wife is at this point cancer free, and although we still have a lot of physical rehabilitation to go through, I am back in Cabo and can once again see what is happening first hand.

Having said that, I will only give a very brief report for the past week.  First of all, there are lots, and I mean lots, of Striped Marlin out there.  Not every one of them is hungry, and you may toss baits at a dozen before you get them to eat on one day and have every other one you present to willing to eat the next day, but I guarantee you will see plenty of them and get shots at quite a few.  Our anglers have been releasing three to six per trip this past week, where several weeks ago they were getting ignored by the fish and maybe releasing one per trip.  Almost all the fish at this time have been biting on live Mackerel, not many of them have been chewing on Caballito according to the captains.  Rigged ballyhoo have been responsible for some decent catches as well.  Almost all the Marlin action has been taking place from the 95 spot to Gorda Banks on the Sea of Cortez side.

Many boats have been trying to find fish on the Pacific side, the water has been a bit cooler there.  Keeping their eyes open for Swordfish and Tuna, these guys have had little luck.  a few nice pods of Striped Marlin are being found once in a while, but for some reason the Tuna have been difficult to get.  A few scattered Dorado round out the offshore fare this past week, no numbers but the sizes have been decent at 15-20 pounds.

Inshore there have been some nice Yellowtail between 15 and 30 pounds found on the points and rock piles on the Pacific side, with fish just a few pounds smaller on average found in the same areas on the Sea of Cortez.  Sierra continue to be the main fish found just off the beach and chartruse swimming plugs have had the c**p beat out of them by these toothy fish.  Scattered schools of small Pompano keep you guessing when you get a hit.  There have been decent numbers of Roosterfish found off the sandy areas but none of them have been very large.  The biggest I had reported to me was approximately 20 pounds, but knowing that angler it was more likely 15 pounds!

Hopefully next week I will have returned to my usual layout as I will have more information to present.  Meanwhile, this is Easter Week and the town is getting packed with tourists from both the north and the Mexican Mainland.  Our good friend Brian Flynn has is buddy Jay Johnson coming in for the week (Blackfoot, Southern Rock Allstars, Skinny Molly) and we plan to catch one of the shows.  If you want to see where they will be, check out Brians website at www.  Jay also has worked with Brian on his newest album, and is featured on the cut “Mississippi Mexican” (available on iTunes).

I hope everyone has a great week, and I hope to see you here soon!


Capt. George LandrumImage