Cabo Fish Report May 5 – 18, 2015

Captain George Landrum
Cabo Fish Report
May 5 – 18, 2015

SYNOPSIS: Just a quick change-up on the Cabo Fish Report to assist those of you who only want an overview for the reporting period. Below is slightly more detailed information! This Cabo Fish Report will cover the past two weeks instead of the normal week period since there was little change from the April to May report! Billfish are everywhere! Every trip there are 20 to 30 Striped Marlin being spotted, but they are full and not willing to eat. That has been about the only offshore action here in Cabo. Cabrillo, Triggerfish and a few Amberjack inshore, with a few Wahoo as well. Only a couple of Dorado reported and still no sign of Yellowfin in our area. Now, for more detailed information in this Cabo Fish Report, please keep on reading!
WEATHER: It was an interesting weather period for us this past two weeks. The first week covered by this report we had the normal lows of 70 degrees and daytime highs of high 80’s with sunny skies. As the second week came onto the calendar The skies began to cloud up and the temperatures increased. Our morning lows rose steadily from 70 to 78 over four days, the humidity increased right along with the temps and finally, on Wednesday the rain fell. It started with just a few sprinkles, the window spotting kind and we thought that was all we were going to get. The twice the skies opened up, the lightning and thunder happened and we received real rain, the kind that washes everything off, no dust anywhere, and the roads running with water! The winds started to blow afterward and on Thursday morning we were back to 69 degrees in the morning with daytime high of 82 degrees and just a few clouds aloft. Since then the temps have increased a couple of degrees, and the wind has blown in the afternoon and the skies have remained almost cloud free!
WATER: There has been almost no change in water temperatures over the past two weeks as the Pacific side from El Arco and up remained in the 70-71 degree range. From there to around the 95 spot, inshore and offshore the water was a little warmer at 74-75 degrees and from San Jose and north on the Cortez side we were marking 77-78 degrees. Currents on the Pacific side were almost due south from the north and across the Cape and up to Punta Gorda they were running a slight bit weaker from the east to west. If what we have been seeing watching the currents continues as it has been, we could receive warmer water to 80+ degrees in the next several weeks, The water on the Pacific side was cooler than elsewhere, and a bit greener as well. Early last week the currents pushed strongly from the north for a day and brought very green water from the shore to 15 miles out at the end of the Cape. The warmer water on the Cortez side has remained much clearer and cleaner. We had a second round of large swells developed from the same storm system way to the south come and visit us on the 14th. Not as large as the surprise ones from the week before, but with no wind on top it was easy to deal with.
BAIT: Very little change on the bait availability with live Caballito at $3 each and frozen Ballyhoo costing the same.
BILLFISH: The number of Striped Marlin being seen seems to increase every day! The only issue is that they don’t want to eat. The majority of the fish that are being caught and brought to the boat have been tossing up squid in sizes from three to seven inches so the hungry fish may be feeding deep and the ones being seen on the surface are full and just traveling. Quite a few boats have been trying down-riggers around the high spots such as the 95 spot and the Gordo Banks, but instead of catching Marlin, most of the bites have been from sharks, ranging from 30 pound Makos to 200 pound Bull sharks with a few Blue sharks and one Thresher and a Hammerhead in the mix. The majority of Striped Marlin that have been caught have been on disabled live bait, the upper lobe of the tail clipped so they are pushing upward and a small slice on the lateral line to slow them and keep the scent in the water. With the Marlin feeding on squid they don’t want to expend the energy to chase down a healthy live bait. Almost all of the fish have been found either due south of the Cape out toward the 95 and 1150 spots, but the better hook-up ratios seem to be closer to the beach rather than out deep. Working the western edges of the high spots has been better than roaming around the open areas.
YELLOWFIN TUNA: We keep hoping for a showing of Tuna in our area, and if the currents continue to run the way they are we may finally get to see some. There are fish being caught around the Punta Gorda area, and occasionally a great bite has happened, but it has not been steady there either.

DORADO: Once again we had very few Dorado caught this week, and most of the ones brought in were small, in the five to 12 pound class. The warmer water on the Cortez side, and well offshore were where they were found, but there were no concentrations, all the fish (I use the term loosely) were scattered throughout the area.
WAHOO: Wahoo always surprise me as while the best bite is normally on the full moon, they can, and do, show up at any time. There were reports that late last week there was a good Wahoo bite on the Cortez side, and I did see at least on that looked to be 50+ pounds as well as several smaller 20 pound fish brought to the docks. Reports were of many leaders getting bit through by the Wahoo’s sharp teeth, and most of these attacks took place among boats drifting live bait deep around the shelf drops on the Cortez side. A few were taken on swimming plugs and surface lures as well, and in the same areas.
INSHORE: Inshore action for the past two weeks has been inconsistent with the first week of the month providing some decent shots at Roosterfish to 25 pounds, and then they seemed to go away. The bite on Bonita and Skipjack has remained fantastic and Cabrillo as well as Triggerfish have offered inshore anglers a nice variety to focus their efforts on. Very few Sierra or Yellowtail have been reported, it may be the end of what little season we had for them this year. As the water continues to warm the inshore availability continues to change.
NOTES: I am going to start posting the report on Mondays instead of on Sundays from now on as we seem to be having more trips on the weekends and I like having the best information possible to share with you. The more anglers who get out, the better my information is. The fishing pressure is still light, so if you want to get on the water there is plenty of room! I offer fishing charters for people with any type of experience on the water at reasonable rates, and service is the name of the game to me!
My music of the week is Pink Floyd “A Momentary Lapse of Reason”, we just had a Pink Floyd tribute concert this week, so there you go!
The information I use in these reports are obtained in many different ways, some from personal experience, some from my clients and Captains who are out every day, and some from on-line subscription services such as Fish-Track, BuoyWeather and SurfZone as well as HurricaneZone. I, and only I, am responsible for any errors made, as I sift all this information and compile it.
Thank you very much for checking out my report, and if you would like to book a charter, check out, I have just re-vamped the web site , it is still under development, but there will be new photos, articles, tips and techniques every week starting next month.
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Meanwhile, Tight lines!

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