Cabo Fish Report Oct. 2 – 15, 2015


Captain George Landrum

Cabo Fish Report

Oct. 2 – 15, 2015

SYNOPSIS: Just a quick one today as it is tournament time and I am really busy! Anyway, the report period started out with excellent Tuna action which has tapered off a bit for most charters, decent action was seen on Striped Marlin and Sailfish, a few Blue and Black Marlin were reported, we had occasional decent action on Dorado and inshore action mostly consisted of Bonita and Skipjack with an occasional Dorado and bottom fish in the mix. Details below. By the way, I have a studio unit with two queen size beds available at the Wyndham Resort for Bisbee week, Oct. 17 – 24 for $500 obo, drop me a line!

WEATHER: We have had interesting weather during this period as weather systems from the mainland continue to move over our area, and a strong frontal system that blew through earlier this week. These have brought rain to our area, and instead of getting a drowning from hurricane feeder band (these usually dump mega rain in a short period) we have had a steady light rain that has been able to soak in, leaving the desert green! As I write we have had several days of clear skies and plenty of sun, or morning low was 81 degrees and our daytime high is expected to be around 95 degrees. After the frontal system came through we had 73 degree mornings two days in a row and many of us turned off the air conditioners for a while.

WATER: There has been little change in the surface conditions for this reporting period, we are still experiencing flat water on the Sea of Cortez side all the way up to the Punta Gorda area, once past there the swells picked up a bit and the water was a bit choppy at times. The water on that side of the Cape has been warm and just yesterday we saw readings of up to 94 degrees from the weather services. On the water readings ranged from 89 to 92 degrees, Due south we had swells from the Pacific at 2-4 feet and temperatures a few degrees cooler while on the Pacific side we were seeing swells at 3-5 feet with afternoon winds kicking up some chop early in the reporting period with a tapering off later on. Surface temperatures were pretty much 88 degrees inside the San Jaime and Golden Gate Banks and 85-86 degree outside to the west.

BAIT: Live bait was not a big issue this period most days, but there were a few when being the fist boat out gave a better selection. Caballito and Mullet were the most common, once in a rare while some small Sardinas could be found, but they have been hard for the bait boats to get. Live baits have been the normal $3 each, Sardinas more expensive than usual at up to $35 per scoop.


BILLFISH: The Blue Marlin bite that was going on has dropped off quite a bit for this period, but there has continued to be good action on Striped Marlin and decent action on Sailfish. The majority of the fish have been found to the south or on the Pacific side as the Sea of Cortez seems to be too warm (at least on the surface) for much action. Large lures for the big Billfish and smaller lures and live bait on the Stripes and Sails.

YELLOWFIN TUNA: Some boats were still able to get into larger Tuna early in the reporting period, but as the days went by the numbers of larger fish dropped off quite a bit. Along with that drop came a drop in the numbers of smaller Tuna, but instead of having the fish in open water and not associated with anything, they have seemed to re-associate themselves with the pods of Porpoise coming through. Finding the Porpoise became instrumental in getting into the Tuna, and getting ahead of a traveling school and dropping a strip bait or live bait deep in front of the pods resulted in hooking up to the larger Tuna. Running hootchies a bit long and jigging them while working the pods resulted in most of the smaller football fish and some of the school size fish. Tuna action was either close to shore or outside the 1,000 fathom line on the Sea of Cortez or along the beach or outside the San Jaime Bank on the Pacific side.

DORADO: Dorado fish was still extremely slow compared to our normal years, but there were days when they would pop up along the beach on the Pacific side, often only for a day, and sometimes far to the north. This made it a frustrating experience for most anglers, but the ones that were in the right place at the right time had decent action on fish between 8 and 15 pounds. I know that there were a number of the little “slipper” Dorado between 1 and three pounds caught and released by my anglers, but some boats were actually keeping these little guys.

WAHOO: No change in the Wahoo action this period, we did not get the Wahoo action in the past week that I was expecting, but there were fish caught. The normal areas such as high spots and steep drops managed to kick out fish averaging 20 pounds. There were a few large fish in the 30+ pound class caught early in the reporting period, but that bite was short-lived and only lasted several days.

INSHORE: Inshore continues to consist of Bonito and small Yellowfin and you really have to chum to get them to start going, the problem was it was very difficult to get sardines to do this so many boats had to resort to chunking slabs of frozen squid or skipjack caught while trolling. The earlier you got out the better the action and most of it was in about 120 feet of water. Scattered Grouper, Snapper, Amberjack and Trigger fish rounded out the action.

NOTES: Hopefully in November I will be running a 35′ Luhrs, named the “Susie Q”. We are in the process of updating and repair which should be done in four more weeks or less, and once the paperwork is done it will be available for charter with me as the Captain. When it happens I will post pictures of the boat and rates.

If you are planning on booking a fishing trip soon (or later in the year), contact me to see what I can set you up with. I offer fishing charters for people with any type of experience on the water at reasonable rates, and service is the name of the game to me!

My music of the week is the album “Rubber Soul”. Do I really need to name the band?

The information I use in these reports are obtained in many different ways, some from personal experience, some from my clients and Captains who are out every day, and some from on-line subscription services such as Fish-Track, BuoyWeather and SurfZone as well as HurricaneZone. I, and only I, am responsible for any errors made, as I sift all this information and compile it.

Thank you very much for checking out my report, and if you would like to book a charter, check out, I have just re-vamped the web site , it is still under development, but there will be new photos, articles, tips and techniques every week starting next month.

If you want to get the report every week, go to my blog at and sign up! No spam, I do not share your e-mail and you can un-subscribe at any time!

Meanwhile, Tight lines!


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