Cabo Fishing Oct. 31 – Nov. 6th


Captain George Landrum

Cabo Fish Report

Oct. 31 – Nov. 6, 2015

Purse seiner waiting to scoop up the tuna

Purse seiner waiting to scoop up the tuna

SYNOPSIS: Quick and simple today, there are plenty of Striped Marlin to be caught, lots of Dorado, a few Wahoo and we will find out if the big Tuna are still around today and tomorrow as teams compete in the Western Outdoor News Tuna Jackpot Tournament.

WEATHER: What a wonderful week we have had! Nighttime lows in the low 70’s and daytime highs in the mid 90’s, occasional scattered clouds passing through brought us a sprinkle on Tuesday but otherwise blue skies and sunshine!

WATER: There was little change from last week on the water as the Sea of Cortez remained at 84 degrees everywhere within reach and had small 1-3 foot swells and good blue water. On the Pacific side the swells were 2-5 feet, the water within five miles of the beach averaged 83 degrees and outside the San Jaime Banks it dropped to 81 degrees. The water close to the beach was a very clean blue while outside it was blue, but not as clear. Currents will play a big part of this tournament as there has been a fairly strong east to west push on the Cortez side and this push has wrapped around the tip with a southeast to northwest run all the way up to the Golden Gate Bank along the beach and east to west farther offshore. This is likely to push the bait off the high spots and make it more difficult to chunk for the big fish.

BAIT: Caballito and a small variety of other bait fish have been the normal $3 each and there are still no sardinas being found locally. Frozen Ballyhoo at $3 each has been available from some of the bait boats.



BILLFISH: If you are interested in Striped Marlin then come on down! The water has cooled just enough for them to start showing up in decent numbers and they seem to be hungry as well. Most have averaged 110 pounds but there have been a few very small one in the 50 pound class caught and a few in the 150 pound class as well. There has been a scattering of Sailfish but almost no Blue or Black Marlin to be found. A few have been caught here and there, but no concentration of them, even on the tuna schools. The Striped Marlin have been suckers for live bait, but sometimes you had to stun the bait first so that it appeared injured (like getting a hook stuck through your nose wasn’t enough). Dropping the bait into the lure pattern or tossing it into the path of a tailing fish worked very well for almost everyone, and the fish were hungry enough that quite a few were caught on lures, with bright colors getting the nod this week.

YELLOWFIN TUNA: The Purse Seiners seem to have had quite an effect on the tuna fishing this past week. Since they showed up several weeks ago the sport catch has dropped by 90%. These are the big seiners with mile long purse nets and spotting helicopters. We have watched them brail net after net of Yellowfin, fish ranging from 10 to 300 pounds with plenty of Hammerhead Sharks and a few turtles as well. Combine this pounding with the sudden appearance of the Dorado and few Tuna were being caught, or even looked for prior to today. As I mentioned above, we will see how things go today and tomorrow. I will try and do a short quick post this evening and tomorrow evening with some totals so you can see how things are going.

DORADO: Fish the Pacific side for these great looking and fantastic eating fish! Boats working the water from the shoreline to three miles out are getting limits on fish ranging from 10 to 25 pounds (the limit is 2 per angler), and often within the first few hours. Almost any bright colored lure has done well, and of course throwing out some small chunks of Bonita as chum and then a live or cut bait has often resulted in all the rods going off at the same time. Walking around the Marina there are yellow flags flying from almost every charter boat you see! Griceldas Smokehouse has been so busy with anglers Dorado that their freezers are full (at least until these lucky anglers leave with their fish).

WAHOO: The Wahoo bite slowed down, as expected, as the moon waned but there were still a few nice ones caught. A few fish in the 30 pound class were found around Los Arcos and Migraino Beach right off the points in 250 feet of water. There were more strikes than fish though as most boats were working for Dorado and pulling smaller lures on lighter mono leaders. The majority of the time this means a lost fish as well as lost lure when the razor sharp teeth hit the leader and slice through so quick and clean that the strike is never even noticed. Many deckhands have pulled in lines after trolling for an hour or so only to find one or two lures gone! You have to keep an eye on them at all times!

INSHORE: Bottom fishing has remained the most productive method of getting fish along the beach. Using cut bait or smaller live bait has been working on grouper, snapper and an occasional Yellowtail. Since the water has been in good shape a lot of the pangas are cruising off the beach fishing for Dorado. I have had quite a few fly fishermen catch their first Dorado ever while casting for other fish from the pangas and they had a blast!


If you are planning on booking a fishing trip soon (or later in the year), contact me to see what I can set you up with. I offer fishing charters for people with any type of experience on the water at reasonable rates, and service is the name of the game to me!

My music of the week is the album “21” by Adele. I hear she is coming out with a new one soon and I can’t wait to hear some new stuff!

The information I use in these reports are obtained in many different ways, some from personal experience, some from my clients and Captains who are out every day, and some from on-line subscription services such as Fish-Track, BuoyWeather and SurfZone as well as HurricaneZone. I, and only I, am responsible for any errors made, as I sift all this information and compile it.

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Meanwhile, Tight lines!


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